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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  August 31, 2014 7:52pm-8:01pm EDT

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it is more likely though one will take advantage of the other. >> we do have another session coming up very. >> guest: to a concluding statement? >> can i agree to minutes each and you go a little over and you go the lender? >> i have shown minimum-wage does destroy jobs and the jobs it is most likely to destroy our the disadvantaged workers that can least afford to be without a job. and the solution to this with income and any quality is to allow the u.s. to become the wealthiest
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country in the world we were free without regulation. instead of keeping people out of the marketplace like they did in their up we let everybody working and they negotiated their own wage and it was very low when there was prejudice but they got their foot in the door to show the employer how good they could be just like the disabled gentleman wanted to do with me. we want to have a better world. the solution is not the minimum wage but deregulation but every petty has a chance to realize the american dream of their own business. thank you. [applause] what i think i have shown the structure that generated prosperity has collapsed and part of that is real values
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of minimum wage has been allowed to fall. a modest increase of the of minimum-wage est. intervention and that is a reasonable part of the strategy to underscore this shared prosperity it is just part of what we do to have some impact to make the prosperity to create a system that we used to have. >> and how many think jeff waddoups it won the debate today? there is one. i see three.
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how many believe that mary ruwart won the debate? schaede one. know how many have you changed your mind from the for? very good. two of them. thank you for participating. [applause] >> a wonderful program. we appreciate it very much we have of a couple of minutes for folks to wonder that we will have a fascinating conversation with p.j. or work on the topic of who will save us from big government.
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i hope between those three people wine has an answer. we will get that started in a couple of minutes in the meantime. ♪ ♪
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>> some of the language you have used the political correctness but words do matter ended did offend. so why not curtail your language? >> it depend. >> it depends on their point of view. there are different ways people get offended. >> i talk about not being able to express how you actually feel. >> some would say slavery was awful it was doing a disservice. >> what i would say and what i talk about it is so whole hypersensitivity. a lot of things don't bother people but then did you hear what he said? you should be offended.
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yes. yes. it is the same stuff that used to go on with the playground. what he said about your mama. come on. we don't have to deal with it. we have major problems. what i talk about slavery is because i don't think even most people can comprehend our bubble of that going on 18 trillion? if you tried to count that at $10 million a day it would take 5,000 years. that is insane amount you can only frame that because with the reserve currency of the world. in generally it goes with the number one economy that we have been since 1870's but we will use it to soon -- lose it soon.
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>> to china? >>, pitcher we doing? they will pass us up but i don't believe but let's get their banking system. >> there is a lot of problems they will face. >> but here is the issue but talk about a base currency so it would ba a hodgepodge of things. . .
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so i'm going to steal the line of my friend. she blessed to reading i went to said it's just so exciting to not have to read a book upside down which is what we always have to do. so i am going to just start by reading the opening of the book. the budget in the solidarity movement -- after getti


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